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How do I know if my logo or image is the correct size for the site?

File types, dimensions, and image quality for photos. If your photos do not comply with the sizing guidelines your listing will not be included on the site. 

(Suggested sizes for logo files - 731 x 699 pixels.

Other resolutions: 293 x 240 pixels | 585 x 480 pixels | 936 x 768 pixels | 48 x 1,024 pixels | 2,359 x  1,936 pixels.

What if my business only sells online, do I have to list a physical location?

  If you only sell online or don't want to list your location just list your city under location. (i.e. Olympia, WA)

How should the description of my business be written for the best practice?

 Please write information about your business, products, and services in the third person. ( i.e. Enterprise  for Equity does....)

If I don't have some of the items needed to be listed, am I still eligible for listing?

 If your listing does not include all the necessary components we will not include it on the site.

Do have any questions?

If you have any questions reach out to

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